Ned Evett

The Glass Guitarist

“Ned Evett is the master of the glass-necked guitar.” -USA TODAY

New album “Glass Guitar” now out via BANDCAMP. Twelve songs of desert madness and tropical fevers all played on Ned’s trademark fretless glass-necked guitars. The album features Ned’s new “Slide Capo” on several of the tracks.

Welcome to, the home of “The Glass Guitarist!”


Nov 10th Ella’s Bluesroom GrandJunction CO

Nov 11th Motherload Tavern Breakenridge CO

Nov 12th Microstock Festival Denver CO

Nov 13th Peavey House Concert with Nate, Lawrence Kansas

Nov 15th Wip Theater Chicago IL

Nov 16th Taffy’s Eaton OH

Nov 17th Triple Moon Middletown OH

Nov 19th House Concert with Aimee and Dwight, Richmond VA

Nov 21st Peavey House Concert with Sharon, Madison CT

Nov 22nd Peavey House Concert with Patricia and John in an Amish Barn! Cogan Station PA

Nov 26th Peavey House Concert Atlanta Georgia

Nov 27th Peavey House Concert with Jill in Nashville TN

Dec 1st Gram Parson’s Derry Down Center, Winterhaven FL

Dec 2nd Peavey House Concert with Ian and Cath Miami FL

Short Bio:

On New Years Eve 1990, Nashville born musician Ned Evett smashed his guitar onstage. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Ned recovered the unbroken neck, removed the frets, and developed a groundbreaking style that is all his own. A consummate road musician and winner of the 2003 North American Guitar Competition, he has performed in over thirty countries, including a 2015 tour of Southeast Asia.

The songs he sings are his own, drawn from his experiences and wise observations about the world around him.  They run the gamut from instrumental beauties to hard-rocking blues, futuristic folk songs, and everything in between.

Ned’s 2012 release “Treehouse” was produced by legendary musician Adrian Belew, receiving four out of five stars from No Depression Magazine.

Ned is an accomplished animator and co-creator of ‘Crystal Planet’, an animated series created with musician Joe Satriani.

TREEHOUSE IS HERE! – click to purchase from iTunes

Treehouse - Ned Evett

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